Select A Group Leader

This group is the first place where I feel free to be who I really am.

Group psychotherapy is a special skill which requires specific training to master. It is important to find out what kind of training and experience the leader has had in leading groups. Questions to ask include what kind of formal training have they had in group therapy and if they are a Clinical Member or a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and/or one of its Affiliate Societies. Also, find out if the group leader is certified as a group therapist by the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists. The CGP certification requires extensive experience, education and supervision and is a reliable indication of the extent to which the therapist has devoted himself to specializing in group psychotherapy. Finally, ask how long they have been running groups, how many have they led and what kind of groups they were.

It is also important to pay attention to how you feel when you are interviewing with the potential group leader. There may be an initial experience of discomfort related to being with a new person and discussing sensitive issues, however your experience of a sense of comfort and trust is important. Be sure to ask how the therapist works in a group. Try to get a sense of whether or not their style would fit with how you tend to learn. How the therapist answers your questions and addresses your concerns will help a great deal in helping you figure out whether or not there is a "good fit" between you and the potential leader.

All of the group leaders in Group Solutions Network, Inc. are Certified Group Psychotherapists.

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